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Kinneret - English Site כנרת - עמוד ראשי
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Moshava Kinneret
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The name Kinneret refers to both the moshava (rural village) and the farm, which were founded in the summer 1908, sharing health, educational, security and cultural services, and a common rhythm of life.

The village was founded by JCA, as an agricultural settlement that began by growing field crops and in time developed into a thriving farm, including vegetable gardens, orchards and livestock.

Until the founding of the Kinneret Local Council in the 1950s, an elected local committee managed the community. The Kinneret Courtyard, the place where the concept of collective settlements was developed, is located in the center of the moshava.

The moshava has a museum and an archive of its early days, as well as a museum exhibiting the tools and utensils of the Belinkov family household. Visitors may also view the 8 houses of the founders, the surrounding wall, the school and clinic, as well as the Treidel farmhouse (the subject of a famous song).

In recent years, the moshava has been undergoing a gradual transition from an agricultural settlement to a community village, now numbering 150 families.

Moshava Kinneret is a member of the Jordan Valley Regional Council.

This information was received from the Moshava Kinneret archive

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