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About the place

Overlooking the Jordan River and the Kingdom of Jordan, the Rotenberg restaurant offers a special atmosphere. In a simple restored house, chef and owner Ran Sagi serves carefully prepared, delicious dishes, including meat, seafood and fish, pasta and wonderful deserts. Ran bases his creations on French cuisine, to which he adds tastes and influences from around the world, guided by his “don’t disturb” philosophy of maintaining, enhancing and perfecting the original taste of the ingredients. The menu is dynamic, changing according to season. They restaurant is named after Pinhas Rotenberg, founder of the electricity plant at nearby Naharayim. Back in the 1920s, the building was a border inspection station of the valley train line that crossed here into Jordan and from there to Syria. The food is wonderful, the view is spectacular and the special atmosphere turns every meal at Rotenberg into a true experience. 

Services and facilities

Access for people with disabilities

Children’s meals

Convenient parking space


Where are we?

The restaurant is located  at Old Gesher, near Route 90, opposite kibbutz Gesher, in the northern Beit Shean Valley.

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Phone: 04-6752237
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